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SoHappy Institute is about the association between Health, Hospitality, Art, Passion, Mindfulness and the knowledge about the current face-paced professional world:


Yateendra Sinh

CEO, Lausanne Hospitality Consulting -Executive Education-
Yateendra is a recognised consultant and an internationally acclaimed speaker on leadership. Yateendra will share his expertise and techniques about goal-setting.

Dr Nicolas Belleux

Director of Cabinet Nicolas Belleux Lausanne, Founder of Energy1
Nicolas will share his research about happiness, alternative medicine and apply his bespoke Energy1 technique. Individual consultation with Nicolas will be offered as part of premium package plan.

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We're SoHappy

SoHappy Institute is a community of like-minded people in the pursuit of happiness.

Happiness defines an individual’s level of fulfilment in life and impacts his health and social wellbeing. Due to the decline in healthy living, caused by the fast-paced modern world, and an increase in non-communicable diseases, caused by our modern-day lifestyle, we believe people need to learn new things to adjust accordingly.

Our finely tailored mental and physical workshops intend to provide people with tools and knowledge to be happier and healthier.

We blend traditional medicine with alternative health techniques, leadership development with mindfulness, and scientific research with inspirational tips, to design integrative. inspirational and interactive "SoHappy Day" workshops. Overall aim is to induce greater self-awareness for our audience and empower them to move forward more positively.

Bilal Hassan

Co-Founder of SoHappy Institute, Educator
Bilal will be in charge of the workshop designing and will co-lead the program. Bilal will apply his research on how different hospitality concepts can enhance people interaction and elevate the learning experience

Sebastien Pannelier

Financial Industry Professional, Photographer and Artist
Sebastien is a renowned economist and a passionate photographer. Sebastien will share his philosophy about Passion and Happiness, and how it impacts our life balance.

Helena Uesson

Co-Founder of SHUHUU, Yoga teacher Exhale Yoga
Specialised in sustainable development and as a passionate yoga teacher who loves sharing her take on how to be happy, Helena will give some hands-on tips on personal development and mindfulness. She will also share her expertise in the design of the participatory and interactive processes. 


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